This blog is written keeping in mind that it would help all vegetarian people who love to cook or have home made food. The recipes which are listed here are healthy and tasty. One would love to have. And moreover many dishes are easy to prepare.

Many recipes which listed here are taken from book which was written by late smt. S.Padma. She is my uncle's mother. When I got that book I was literally shocked as she listed more than 200 recipes. And date mentioned in the book is 1st May, 1951. Never thought that I will share recipes of lady who expressed her work in 1951 through book. It is so difficult for me to just translate her recipes into english, how much patience she would have had to write so many recipes. Thanks to her as her work became useful exactly after 57 years, which is age of a person these days.

How her recipes became useful to me, hope they might become useful to reader of this blog. If there are any suggestions to improve the blog feel free to contact through comments or email. If anyone would like to know any special dish or new one if one could not find, then they can put their question, if possible will try to get the answer.


Given the varied tastes of people, it is quite likely that all the recipes mentioned here might not appeal to you. But that should not stop you from experimenting with other recipes mentioned here. I am sure that atleast some of the recipes will become your favourite dishes.


Sorry guys am stuck up with some personal work, so could not update blog. Will be updating it soon with more delicious items.

Butter milk rasam

Butter milk/Curd - 1 bowl
Green chilli - 2
Curry leaves, Coriander
Jheera - 1/4 tsp
Salt - 1 tsp
Grind curry leaves, green chilli, coriander and jheera to make fine powder. Pour oil in pan and heat it. Add mustard, asofoteda to heated oil. Now add powder which is prepared now, salt and 1 cup water too. Let it boil for some time. now take butter milk or churn curd to produce butter milk. Pour butter milk to boiling. Stri properly and wait for 1 min. Now it is ready to serve.

Duration: 10 mins
It is taken along with rice. One can drink it as it is like rasam.

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John said...

I love rasam and this is something different I will try it out. Thanks